Do you need BINOIA services?

Are you willing to maintain an ever growing computer cluster in your lab just to have your data processed? Do you need fast data processing, you need our service.
Consider ProteoGaia!

Free Analysis

Obviously, nothing in life is free and we, also, cannot provide a completely free service as we have running costs. Instead of paying for our service financially, with this free analysis option, we require one or two author slots on any publication presenting these results. Since we require co-authorship, we need to be convinced about your overall project. To achieve that, please send us a one page free format description of your project, also indicating the amount of analysis expected. Following the review of your application, and if granted, we then agree on the amount of analysis necessary (generally through email communication). Please send your application to

Secure Data Storage

Often it is mandatory to store data for extended periods of time to comply with government regulations . Additionally, upon publishing findings, the raw data must be made available . We offer low cost, secure, storing of your data. Your data is secure on our RAID10 servers and quickly accessible. You can set the visibility of any of your stored results from highly secure (only you) to anyone may view the data. We charge 10/GB*Y.

Online Data Analysis

If you are using our secure data storage option, you can in addition use our online data analysis platform which provides you with a large number of tools to integrate information from all results you analyzed. Quantitation is likely the most interesting feature in this regard.

Do you need your results in a specific format? Please contact to help you with formatting your results.
Are you up to speed on computational analysis in MS-based proteomics?
We are and make sure that ProteoGaia is as well.
Would you like your instruments to be used more efficiently?
Why not let ProteoGaia free up unneccessary time spend on data analysis by your staff?
I have no funding for your ProteoGaia service, but am intrigued.
Just contact us, we’ll surely be able to work something out that suits you.